What we do

Cast.li deals with one of the most fundamental problems of the internet. Every day millions of articles, pictures and videos is uploaded to the internet, most of which have no interest to you.

We supply you with a tool that makes it possible to highlight a specific part of a web page and share it with your friends and followers.

Where we are going

It all starts with you highlighting the important part of an article, by using the cast.li tool. It takes seconds but gives the article greater richness for the receivers, making you a more valuable source for information.

In that way you build more loyal followers by sharing more relevant content, and you don't waste peoples valuable time on reading through an immense amount of irrelevant information.

The vision

We use the part that you highlight, to find out what is trending on the web right now. Soon we will be ready to suggest what you find interesting, based on your highlights and profile.

As time progresses, we will build an overlay to the internet, so you will be able to see what other people find interesting, when you visit a new website. This will make browsing the internet easier and thus create a better web experience.

The Team

Tom Quast

Picture of Tom

Nils Kähler

Picture of Nils

Lukas Walther

Picture of Lukas

Lasse Chor

Picture of Lasse

Contact mail: contact@cast.li